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The Ladies Edge July 2019 MVB – Sarah Greiner

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Introducing the newest TLE MVB, Sarah Greiner

Sarah, you girlie – wow.

You have truly lit up this community with so much love and positivity. Your energy and charisma overflow through your posts! We see you and we sure felt your love this month! Thank you for constantly showing up for us! You are amazing and so darn deserving of MVB. Congrats to you!

XOXO, Momma Bish!



❤TLE MVB is a special recognition we do once per month. This is special nomination and joint effort between The Ladies Edge Members & staff!

The “MVB” receives EXCLUSIVE MVB gear and special invites to events throughout the year!

🙂 Cheers to spreading LOVE!

What TLE Members Are Saying About Sarah!

Sarah has been one of the most present, enthusiastic, encouraging and uplifting Bishes this month, and has been absolutely crushing her workouts.
Sarah has the most beautiful heart of gold & her genuine personality and love for everyone in TLE shines in every one of her posts - and always turns what could have been a negative into a positive, including days that don’t go exactly how she wanted them.
Sarah’s smiles, crazy/funny faces literally light up the pages and she’s so loved by so many people, I’d love to see her shine as an MVB and know she’d be incredible on a MVB live!

Sarah is such a positive energy throughout the entire TLE community. Her smile and attitude is contagious. She is so genuine and will reach out to you personally when you’ve had a bad day. This girl saved her entire tax return to be able to send Bishes love. That might be a hand written note or something she knows you want/will love. Her heart is so big and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of MVB than her. Love you Sarah!

Sarah is light in every way. She brings SO much love and positivity to our community. She literally digs through people’s facebook pages and listens closely to them to learn more about them. She has burned her meal plan and kicks booty in her workouts. She is so confident and deserves to be recognized as MVB.

Sarah is a phenomenal woman and despite her demanding job, she shows up every day (at least once a day!). She pours her heart into others and always reminds us to embrace all the because life moments. She reaches out and showcases the amazing women of this group constantly and is such a strong guiding light in this community. We love you, Sarah!

Sarah is the true definition of TLE. Her meal plan is burned, she shows up everyday for HER, she loves hard on so many of us. Sarah shines so bright in this group even when she is overwhelmed with her hectic job. She fights, doesn’t give up, and pushes herself to the limits. Sarah doesn’t give excuses and has ‘because life’ moments with zero guilt. She lives, breathes and even dreams about TLE.

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