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Terica Whitsel

TLE Coach

Terica Whitsel lives in Galena, Ohio with her husband Alex and her two adorable kids, Lincoln and Sloan. Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design in 2005, she has developed creatives and branding for many companies across the country. 

Terica was introduced to the fitness industry back in 2012. After participating in many 5K’s, half marathons, competition runs and personal trainers, she struggled getting the results she desired. Terica found Michelle through a mutual friend, reached out for help and with a little encouragement, Michelle trained her for her first Bikini Competition. 

Above: Terica’s TLE Journey from Nov. 2017 – Feb. 2022

The two immediately became close friends and then partners throughout many different businesses. She has been Michelle’s right-hand-man for over 10 years, developing branding and merch for every business and event Michelle has brought to life. 

After competing, Terica continued her fitness journey through other outlets. Although that lifestyle was not meant for her long-term, she still remained active. Shortly after her first child was born, she quickly realized she needed something a little more do-able and sustainable with the little time she had #momlife, so she began Bish Bodies 4 in late 2017. Bish Bodies morphed into what is now The Ladies Edge and within the first 6 months, Michelle asked Terica to be the official full-time brand developer for TLE. Through her second pregnancy, she was determined to stay healthy and continue her 23 minute workouts. Thanks to TLE, that’s exactly what she did. 

Not only does Terica design all-things TLE branding and merch, but because of the decade-long friendship with Michelle and the many years of fitness mentorship she received from her, Terica became one of the first TLE Coaches. Terica also locked arms with Michelle and the TLE owners and started their supplement line, TLE Fit.


Terica takes pride in being relatable to the women in the TLE community. She is determined to be as encouraging as possible by sharing the real, the raw, the ups and the downs and she is a prime example that this lifestyle takes TIME, CONSISTENCY and GRACE.