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Sarah Smedley

TLE Coach

Sarah Smedley is a wife to her best friend Chris, and a mother to two spunky little boys Caiden and Cash. Day to day, Sarah works for the United States Army as a Medical Operations Officer and oversees the medical readiness of over 1,500 Soldiers in the state of Delaware. She has a passion for motivating women to find their inner strength and overcoming their mental barriers.

Sarah previously knew Michelle through other fitness endeavors, including training for a bodybuilding competition. After becoming a mother, she struggled to get back into the gym at the same capacity she had previously trained. 1-2 hours a day in the gym was no longer a sustainable lifestyle while trying to keep up her responsibilities as a full-time working woman, wife and mother.


In 2017, after sitting on the sidelines watching Michelle create a new outlet for health and fitness, TLE’s previous identity as Bish Bodies Bootcamp, she finally decided to take the plunge and join the fourth monthly iteration of the program. It was immediate love! When Bish Bodies morphed into The Ladies Edge, Sarah wasted no time and became a lifetime member as soon as it was offered. She knew Michelle was on her way to revolutionizing the fitness industry, and she had found her forever fitness home. 


“I GRIND because that’s when I feel my best.”

- TLE Coach Sarah Smedley

Over the last 4 years of being a TLE member, and now TLE coach, Sarah finds nothing more satisfying than leading other women, and helping them find the same confidence and freedom that she has. Locking arms and helping women commit to themselves to change their mindset from “I can’t” to “I can, and I WILL” ignites a fire within her to keep bringing her best to The Ladies Edge sisterhood. 


It is Sarah’s mission to help that little voice inside each woman’s head, because in the end, it is not just about physical appearance, it is also about being emotionally and mentally healthy as well.