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Put an End to Cheat Meals

By August 7, 2019 No Comments

I will NEVER say the word “cheat meal” because I’m not doing anything wrong! And neither are you. 

Every time I go out to eat during the week I say I’m having a “happy meal.” I’m not having a “reward meal” because I didn’t do anything right to earn a reward, I just live my life and simply eat what I want throughout the week. I’m going to go out and I’m gonna have a “happy meal” because it makes me happy and it’s fun! You’re sitting around with people that you love and you’re enjoying yourselves.

After you enjoy that yummy burger and that side of french fries (not a side of guilt), you’re going to wake up the next morning and you’re NOT going to do two workouts in a day. You’re NOT going to do extra cardio. You’re NOT going to drink two gallons of water to try to flush everything out and you will NOT go to unrealistic measures to get yourself back on track. 

You’re going to wake up, live your life and you’re going to get right back on track because THAT is a realistic lifestyle.

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