Ladies Edge Workout Plan

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Quick 7 minute look into our TLE program

Have you ever wondered what a Ladies Edge workout looks like? Try this quick 7 minute circuit that gives you a taste of a TLE workout.


How The Circuit works:
Each circuit round will take 2 minutes total. During those 2 minutes, you will complete all 4 exercise moves listed below. You will do each exercise for 30 seconds with no break (unless you need one – then girl, you do you!). After the first 30 seconds is up, you will go right into the next exercise listed. Once all 4 exercises are complete, you will have 30 seconds to rest! It’s encouraged to keep moving. Bounce around, dance, grab a drink, or do whatever it is your little heart wants to do. You will repeat this circuit for 3 rounds for a total of 7 awesome, sweaty minutes!

The Exercises:
3x:30 Diagonal Mountain Climbers
3x:30 Push Up Shoulder Tap
3x:30 Flat Curl + Press
3x:30 Core Twist w/Dumbbell

* Helpful Tip: Exhale on exertion. For Example: during a push up shoulder tap, exhale as you push up and take a breath as you lower back to the starting position.

Diagonal Mountain Climbers
– Keep chest over hands
– Bring knee towards elbow

Push Up Shoulder Tap
– Aim to take chest down between dumbbells to give a deeper stretch

Flat Curl + Press
 – Keep elbows tight the entire time

Core Twist w/Dumbbell
– Knees slightly bent
– Exhale with every twist

Good Luck!

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The Ladies Edge is a 23 minute workout program that can be done from anywhere. This circuit is an exact example of one of the three circuits that would be done in an everyday workout within our community.

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