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Trainers & Their Unrealistic Expectations

When you are looking for a trainer, there’s something so important that you have to take into consideration. 

What season of life are you in? 

Here is the biggest issue I have. There are so many trainers out there who think they know how to work with your season of life. For instance, if you are a mama, you should probably not be working with a trainer who’s not a mom or who cannot relate to the season of life that you’re in. The reason behind this is that they’re going to say you need to go do X, Y, and Z, and you need to be in the gym for X amount of time and you need to prepare your food. 

Wait, hold the phone. Your kid is eating cookies, you’re making them lunch and there’s gonna be times when you want to sit down and snack with them without feeling guilty about it. Right? 

So one of the most important things that you can do when looking for a trainer is to look into that trainer’s lifestyle and recognize the season of life that they’re in. Make sure that you’re not having unrealistic expectations for your own life because of the season they’re in and how they’re achieving their goals. 

You have to be realistic as to your life, what you’re looking to achieve, and that’s gonna help set you up for success.

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