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Emily Allen

TLE Coach

Coach Emily Allen is a born and raised Ohioan living in Queens, New York with her husband, Keith, and her four kids (6 and under). She has always been an athlete and once removed from the high school and college scene of team sports, she found her athletic outlet in fitness. Having met Michelle online through a mutual friend, she hired Michelle to train her for bodybuilding competitions. While competing, she recognized unhealthy habits forming and an image and lifestyle she physically could not maintain. Disgruntled from the immense amount of time and stress training and living by a meal plan caused her, she walked away from the competing world and found balance through training alongside her husband, as he was certified in personal training.

Emily is a graduate from the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in Manhattan and decided to pursue her passion of cooking and mingle it with her new love of nutrition. Her husband was a personal trainer at Equinox in Long Island, New York at the time, and she was hired as a personal chef by many of his clients to prepare healthy and delicious pre-made meals for easy access to well balanced and nutritious meals. Seeing this help so many others, she was determined to continue this lifestyle for herself and her home. In July of 2020, Emily began her journey in the most epic sisterhood ever. She joined the ranks of The Ladies Edge and immediately fell in love with the 23 minutes a day mentality. She noticed changes in her outward appearance, but knew her heart and mind were finally home. She found the perfect balance of hard work on the mat. This new lifestyle and mentality inspired the athlete within and encouraged her to fuel her body well while still enjoying life. 



Rekindling her friendship with Michelle at the end of 2020 found her with an offer she could not refuse: to become a Coach for The Ladies Edge. Shortly after accepting the offer and attending her first “coaches weekend” Emily found she was pregnant with her fourth child. Throughout her 4th pregnancy she was able to maintain the 23 minutes a day lifestyle with with minimal adjustments because of the program’s flexibility and the foundation built prior to being pregnant. 


Emily’s love for The Ladies Edge shines bright. She is known for her dedication to uphold a standard of excellence for both herself and the women of The Ladies Edge. We are blessed and honored to call Emily a coach and many lives have been impacted by her drive and dedication to this program.