Bailie Pryor | The Ladies Edge & Michelle Bishop Review

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“I felt super lost with having a

newborn and working out

around her schedule”

Bailie Pryor, former fitness competitor now kick butt momma talks about her past "meathead" life and the thrill that it once gave her until she quickly was sweep into the post-show guilt. Bailie started feeling lost, and noticed the way she viewed herself was no longer healthy. She craved her competitve, lean physique and viewed her perfectly normal, healthy physique as "fat". She struggled with wanting to live her life but also maintain a physique that honestly wasn't healthy nor realistic. After having her baby girl in April 2017, Bailie was craving fitness once again. At this time in her life she realized the life she once lived wouldn't fit into the life that she now knows. With the desire to breast feed, she started wrestling with fitness, nutrition and how it all fit around being a mom. A Few months later she saw the release of Bish Bodies & started the same day as Michelle. Bailie goes on to share her heart about this community, sisterhood, support and what it's done for her as a person.

We wouldn't be the same without you, B! You are so loved by this sisterhood & US!
Thank you for your love, support and encouragement always.
We love you!
XOX- The TLE Team!

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