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5 Steps To Long Lasting Results

By July 25, 2019 No Comments

The Journey Can Be Intimidating

I want to talk to you real quick, because going into the because a health and fitness journey can always be intimidating. I want to give you five steps you can implement right now into your day to day to help you get sustainable results in your health and fitness journey. 


Take a really deep look into your social media accounts and ask yourself, “Are the people I am following a real reflection of the life that I wanna live?” If no, cut ’em. 


Delete all apps off of your phone that track calories, macros, and burn your meal plan. We are not going to live a restricted lifestyle anymore. Instead, we’re going to learn to be empowered around food. I personally love intuitive eating.


Go through your closet and have a real look. Are you expecting unrealistic things out of yourself? Do you really want to live a life where you’re going to have to get back into those clothes, or is that a life that you no longer want to live?


Stop spending so much time in the gym. 45 minutes is PLENTY, and that is something you can consistently do. 


Finally, find a tribe of women who are like you, who are thinking the same way you’re thinking, and who are trying to achieve the same things you’re trying to achieve.

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