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The Ladies Edge is a sisterhood of women who are on a mission to live life to the fullest. Founded by head coach, Michelle Bishop, we have chosen to delete our calorie counting apps, burn our meal plans, and learn the truths about food that has set us free from the bondage of a “plan” forever. While working out for only 23 minutes per day, we have learned to make peace with ourselves, both physically and mentally, and have finally found the fierce confidence we’ve always longed for.

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Women from all across the world are getting results with 23 minute workouts in the comfort of their own homes. They are led by coaches who’ve walked the walk, and are supported daily by the best sisterhood out there. Meal plans burnt, confidence found. See for yourself.

About Michelle Bishop

Michelle is a world class ISSA Certified Elite Trainer, as well as a Certified ISSA Personal Trainer, ISSA Nutritionist (CNC), ISSA Glutes Training Specialist, and AFPA Certified Prenatal & Postpartum specialist located in Columbus, Ohio. She has been studying nutrition, supplementation, and the human body for almost a decade. Michelle spent four years in the bodybuilding industry that was fueled by a prior eating disorder known as Nighttime Eating Syndrome (NES). Michelle went on to compete as a national NPC women’s physique competitor and dominated the stage for 4 years until she realized she was tired of being tied down to rigid training routines and strict meal plans.

After a couple years of studying herself and breaking the chains that diet culture once had on her, Michelle then went on to coach and mentor thousands of women to food freedom, self love and maximizing their time in a physical training aspect. Michelle is now the founder of The Ladies Edge which was established December 17th, 2017. Since then, Michelle has touched over 15,000 women through her program helping…


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TLE Saturday LIVE workouts, Pop-Up Zoom workouts and our TLE Zoom Groups take the TLE experience to the another level. Workout with your girls and always slay together. Group Zooms bring an extra layer of accountability plus, let’s not mention how fun they are!
Make the most out of your Saturdays and join Michelle and the TLE Sisterhood for what many call the BEST WORKOUT of the week. Saturday LIVE workouts are hosted by Michelle or a TLE coach and usually start at 9AM ET unless otherwise specified. It’s a workout EVERYONE looks forward to!

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We love to have a good time while creating fellowship within our community. Each year we hold events that bring our members together from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to bond, fill their cups, gain inspiration and motivation and most importantly, give them an awesome and memorable time they can remember forever.

5th Year CELEBRATION • TLE Retreat 2023

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