The Ladies Edge is a sisterhood of women led by Michelle Bishop who are on a mission to live life to the fullest! We have chosen to delete our calorie counting apps, burn our meal plans, and learn the truths about food that has set us free from the bondage of a ‘plan’ forever. With working out for only 23 minutes per day at home, we are learning to make peace with ourselves physically and mentally, finding the fierce confidence we’ve always longed for.


About Michelle Bishop

Michelle is a world class ISSA Certified Elite Trainer, as well as a Certified ISSA Personal Trainer, ISSA Nutritionist (CNC), and ISSA Glutes Training Specialist located in Columbus, Ohio. She has been studying nutrition, supplementation, and the human body for almost a decade. Michelle spent four years in the bodybuilding industry that was fueled by a prior eating disorder known as Nighttime Eating Syndrome (NES). Michelle went on to compete as an national NPC women’s physique competitor and dominated the stage for 4 years until she realized she was tired of being tied down to rigid training routines and strict meal plans.

After a couple years of studying herself and breaking the chains that diet culture once had on her, Michelle then went on to coach and mentor thousands of women to food freedom, self love and maximizing their time in a physical training aspect. Michelle is now the founder of The Ladies Edge which was established December 17th, 2017. Since then, Michelle has touched over 15,000 women through her program helping… 

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So many women are getting results with 23 minute workouts and support from the best sisterhood out there. Most importantly, they walk freely in their new found confidence! See for yourself!

TLE has been life changing for me! It has made me a better mother, wife, daughter, and believer. It has reminded me that I am worth 23 minutes for myself. I am worth taking care of my body.. but YOU bet I am going to enjoy moments with my family as well.

Ashley McKinney

TLE has changed my life. Period. Not just physically, but mentally. The change and growth I have seen in myself over the past year and a half is something I never thought imaginable. I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be and TLE is a huge part of that transformation. I will forever be grateful from the program and its leaders. Within TLE, I am home.

Sarah Smedley

The Ladies Edge not only helped me fall back in love having a healthy body, but also helped me fall in love with myself. I’m the lowest weight I’ve been in years and mentally the healthiest I’ve been in my life. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds but the love for myself I’ve gained is more important.

Sarah Sibcy

The Ladies Edge has changed my life for the better and I honestly don’t know where I would be today if i wasn’t apart of this amazing sisterhood. I now have the confidence I never thought was possible, all thanks for TLE. I walk into any room with so much confidence! I have been working out 23 minutes a day, for over a year now and have made life long friends. If you’re looking to make a change, TLE’s got your back!

Elyse Kellar

It’s hard to put what TLE has done for me into a few sentences. First, it has kept me more consistent than any other program I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a lot!). Secondly, it has given every person involved a healthy mindset about food!!!! Being an eating disorder therapist, this is so important to me! Lastly, it’s connected me with some amazing women

Kate Lynn

I feel so blessed to have found TLE and this amazing community. It has given me a new found confidence and so many genuine friendships. I can enjoy special moments with my family and not feel guilty. I love all the positivity and encouragement that’s given here daily. It’s LIFE CHANGING🙌🏻❤️

Susan Foster

TLE has changed my life not only physically, but mentally. I’ve gained freedom from food, gained confidence, I’ve have learned to love every inch of my body and every season my life takes me. I’ve made new lifelong friendships that I am forever thankful for. I’ve tried many different workouts and “diets” and I can proudly say I’ve been the most consistent I’ve ever been, even during my 39 1/2 week pregnancy journey. TLE is for everyone no matter where they are in their journey and that’s what’s amazing about the program!

Mel Webs

The Ladies Edge has given me confidence I never believed I could have. I am a better wife, mother, daughter and friend because of the influence of this program and the people in it. The workouts are easy to get done and the fact that they can be done anywhere makes it so easy! I’m proud to be a lifer and represent the ladies edge and the women who are apart of it.

Kendra LeFevre

TLE has given me the confidence to be me. I can be my corky self and know that I have a tribe behind me who will support me in my highs and lows. TLE has given me self love.

Kayley Green

I have only been apart of TLE for 13 weeks. The past 13 weeks have changed my life for the better. I have learned to ditch the meal plan, eat healthy and still enjoy those life moments with my family that I was previously turning down. I have learned to love my body in every moment of life because it has blessed me with two perfect little boys. I dedicate 23 minutes to myself everyday to workout and it helps me have a better day, be more patient with my kids, etc. I am so thankful for this program and the amazing Bish Besties that cheer me on and support me!!

Michelle Evans

The Ladies Edge has changed my life! The biggest thing I have learned is to love the journey, not the destination! I have gained amazing friends that support me daily. I am on a road to a happier and healthier me and I have gained a new sense of confidence I get to bring with me!

Katrina Boxley

My original decision to join TLE was simply a means to an end to “get my body back” after pregnancy and after today’s diet culture shamed me into believing I could never possibly be worthy in my postpartum, stretch-marked and jiggly physical shape. I joined TLE expecting to lose a little weight - and instead I gained my confidence back. I gained strength, ability, stamina, endurance. I’ve gained a group of genuine friends from all over the country who have already shown me more love and support than I could imagine. I’ve gained a closer relationship with God because of these women. And most importantly I’ve gained a sense of peace and self worth that I never dreamed I would find here. Oh & I also lost a chunk of weight too but who’s counting 😉

Allie Fitzwater

TLE has made me a stronger woman in so
Many ways 💕physically, mentally and emotionally! I feel so Motivated and determined to better myself everyday for myself and for my family. This community is amazing and it makes my day to get on daily and see everybody lifting each other up, and praying for them in hard and happy times, i have closer bonds with family members who have joined as well and given it has given us something in common to talk about everyday and hold each other accountable! 💕🥰

Kaci Lanker

Over the last year TLE has taught me about healthy eating and not having a desire to have a meal plan It’s 23 mins of amazing workouts, that’s good when you have a toddler wanting your attention all the time!! Awesome bishes who are cheering me on! This amazing sisterhood has helped me become more confident and comfort!!

Courtney Key

I love love LOVE TLE! This group has given me the greatest community of support and friendship that I’ve ever seen in a workout program the love and dedication from each and every lady in this group is unconditional and it pushes everyone to do as best as they can! It is making me a better person not only physically but mentally!

Kelci Carter

TLE gives me more freedom then I have ever had before. Its not just a workout group, it’s a community and I have gained so many friends with this program. I can enjoy time with my family and friends and not feel guilty. I have never felt happier and more excited to workout everyday!!!

Ashley Mason

Not only has TLE changed my life physically TLE has changed my life emotionally and mentally. If it wasnt for TLE I do not know where I'd be. I push myself so much harder now then ever before.

Crystal Petersen

In 4 short weeks TLE has changed my overall mindset in life. TLE has helped me gain confidence and courage to stand up for myself and all hard working woman. It’s helped me focus on the positive in life and push out the negative.

Brittany Haulter

The Ladies Edge has given me the ability to see my potential. It has empowered me to be the woman I am. It has encouraged me to raise my standards in all aspects of life, and has in turn, made me a better woman, wife and friend. I call myself to a higher level because of The Ladies Edge and I am amazed at how much potential I didn’t even believe was there! Thank you, TLE, for giving me a reason to be who I say I am and to show up for myself! My life would look a lot differently had I not made the decision to commit myself to this program and I am so glad that I did!

Tayler Vargo

The Ladies Edge has changed my life dramatically. It not only has given me the freedom from food and helped me lose weight, but freedom from myself and confidence. I have learned to love the skin I am, regardless of weight. I am more confident in my walk with the Lord. I feel I am able to raise my daughter to feel the same way about herself.

Ashley Bergenty

So what do you get with the program?


  • Membership site: Your hub for my daily workouts, nutritional guidance + more!
  • Facebook Community: Our exclusive community of the most supportive women you’ll ever meet!
  • 23 Minute Workouts: 5 days a week you will find new at home workouts that Michelle does the day before!
  • TLE Kick-Start Section: Need a slower start? 40 Kick-Start workouts that will leave you feeling empowered and excited to keep progressing towards our normal daily workouts. Learn fundamental movements, work on balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.
  • Guides + Readings: Healthy eating habits and delicious minute meal recipes!
  • Downloads: Resources I have provided to help you get results without a meal plan or hours in the gym!
  • Blast From The Past: Occasionally we’ll post a throwback to one of TLE’s most popular and beloved workouts!
  • Burn Your Meal Plan Nutrition Guidance: Guidance to freeing yourself from counting calories, macros, and meal plans!
  • TLE On-The-Go: Full access to 15+ workouts to make traveling easier!
  • Reflection Workout: Once a quarter we throw it back to our “Reflection workout” as a way to monitor and gauge our progress!
  • Workout Demonstration Section: Proper form makes a HUGE difference! Here you’ll find guidance to make sure you’re making the most of your workouts in the safest way possible!
  • TLE Faves: Full access to TLE’S most loved and fun workouts! This is a member requested section! This section grows as we journey on together.


Gosh, what a sigh of relief! If you are looking for an encouraging kickstart to your health and fitness journey, look no more – this is for YOU!
TLE is for EVERYONE, and we now offer a Kickstart program that was created with YOU in mind! TLE Kickstart has 20 – YES TWENTY – NEW, fun workouts that will leave you feeling encouraged and excited to progress into the daily TLE workouts.

Trust us, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Many just need a slower start, and that is why we created this HIGHLY desired Kickstart program just for you which is included in your TLE Membership!


This is a week where excuses aren’t welcome, limits are pushed and relationships are built!

This is a week where you show up, have fun & work your freakin’ toosh off!

Best week in TLE because we are all crushing it LIVE together!


We love to have a good time while creating fellowship within our community. Each year we hold events that bring our members together from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to bond, fill their cups, gain inspiration and motivation and most importantly, give them an awesome and memorable time they can remember forever.






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